Pandemic Marketing Plan & Implementation

This is it. It is here. Doors are shutting, wallets are closing, and business owners are standing there in empty spaces wondering what the heck even happened and how they are going to keep their staff and mortgage paid.

Times are uncertain and it can feel VERY lonely and overwhelming as a business owner right now. You are faced with needing to make huge transitions in your business in a very short period of time, and there is literally nobody within (at least) 6 feet of you to help. You’ve seen the panic in the industry, and your customers and fellow entrepreneurs are scrambling to put new systems and ideas into place. And maybe you have too! Maybe you have 100 things written down on a piece of paper that you scribbled at 3am when you were awake sweating over what to do next.


Sure, we are all in that same boat, but what’s more – you do not have to try to change your business overnight all by yourself.

Let’s work through it. Let’s work through that huge list and prioritize and strategize what will be most effective NOW and what we can work towards to keep money coming in the door and survive after this is all lifted (read: sustainability and stability). The only way to do this is to sit down (digitally) and put together an actual marketing strategy specifically for your exact business in this exact situation, and then take actionable steps towards implementing them quickly (efficiently and effectively).


According to the Harvard Business Review:
“Although it’s wise to contain costs, failing to support brands or examine core customers’ changing needs can jeopardize performance over the long term. Companies that put customer needs under the microscope, take a scalpel rather than a cleaver to the marketing budget, and nimbly adjust strategies, tactics, and product offerings in response to shifting demand are more likely than others to flourish both during and after a recession.”
  • The Pandemic Marketing Plan & Implementation

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Hello. We are here. We can see the panic in your eyes and we are telling you to take some of that burden off of yourself and let us help you with it. We are experts in marketing, and marketing is most effective when there is a crisis. That time is now. You deserve this. And we have a package specifically made for helping business owners through this. A marketing package created specifically to weather the Covid-19 storm (and whatever else life throws at us next).


The Pandemic Marketing Plan & Implementation

A ‘Business as UN-usual’ Package

The Pandemic Marketing Plan & Implementation is a full-force marketing package that will guide you through strategizing your next move, communicating this change clearly with the masses, formulating long-term initiatives to be used NOW, and the actual content created from you so you can focus on all the chaos that is unfolding within your business.

Package Includes:

  • 2 hr Zoom Brainstorming Session
    Innovative and transitional ideas for catering to customers with the current social-distancing restrictions, as well as ways to create easier sales opportunities online.
  • Strategy Brainstorming & Highlights
    Planning a roadmap for crisis management and transitional changes that can be made and marketed within your company to maintain (and grow) profits in new time-sensitive and relevant ways. Customized for YOUR business.
    Daily, weekly, and 2-month marketing strategy.
  • Communication Guidance
    Creating messaging about what your business is doing to protect your customers and staff, including how you need your customers to support you while showing value to support them on an ongoing basis.
  • 1 Email Newsletter
    Educating your clients on what you are doing as a business and what services/products are featured right now specifically for the current environment.
  • 10 Supplementary Social Media Posts
    A foundational social media content calendar for the first month that is specific to promoting your business where it needs support most (relationship building and feature services) and communicating ongoing plans. Created week to week.
  • 1 Blog
    Communication your goals and plans as a company and resources you would like to offer.
  • Weekly Digital Marketing Coaching
    30-minute digital marketing coaching calls every week for the first month.
  • Additional Emails and Chat Access
    Reach out when you need to ask questions, engage, or bounce ideas around.


Package Cost: $2,250

  • The Pandemic Marketing Plan & Implementation

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