Social Media Audit



Social Media & Website Audit

$350 per company

Sometimes you get all set up and ready to go but nothing seems to be happening. You post and you engage and you are doing alright, but not quite as well as you’d like. You know something is a little off about your pages or that there is some room for improvement to hit that perfect profile status.

Our social media audit dives into what you are currently doing and honestly critiques what is working for you, what isn’t, and where the missed opportunities lie.

Outline of current and recommended social media marketing initiatives.


  • Current market snapshot
  • Strategic focus/goals
  • Audit of current social platforms
  • Promotional tactics
  • Facebook advertising tips
  • Website overview and audit


I hired Sarah from Jumping Elephant to do an audit on my company’s social media and website. After meeting together she put together an extensive report with step by step instructions to improve my website and social media platforms. I highly recommend this offering to everyone who runs a business and have recommended her to many of my clients. 

-Leona deVinne, Accendo Consulting

The Process

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Once the transaction is completed we will send a few things your way to get the audit rolling. One will be a questionnaire about your company and your goals. The other will be a form to fill out with all of your social media handles and URL’s so that we can see exactly what you’d like audited. In this you will include links to all of the social media channels you have ever started for your business, as well as to your website. If we think you are missing out somewhere, we will let you know.

We will then step into the darkness for about a week and come out victorious with a document that details what you are doing right, what needs improvement, and what you should back far far away from (we say it nicely). We send it over to you and… VOA LA… You’re all set to get your business’ first impression back on track.

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