ProjectsSocial Media – Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Management is an example where their Facebook and Instagram were on point when they came to me. They had a brand and a theme and a voice and it all flowed perfectly together – proven by their great follower start. The only drawback was consistency, which on their side meant ‘time’.

As we all know, running a successful business is more than a full time job on it’s own. Social media can often feel like a second job when you are maintaining a presence and wanting to offer great customer service online. hired me to create and post content for their monthly calendars so they could focus more of their time on the business and customer service. This project is more about maintaining their refined brand rather than building one, like with many past clients.

That said, we have¬†introduced the ‘stats’ and ‘tips’ branded memes to give a little more depth and insight to the pages that have been performing very well. And lastly, the branded #rentfasterca hashtag has been given a purpose to help us feature great rentals and give their audience an easy way to interact with the brand (great for expanding awareness).


rentfaster facebook posts

rentfaster instagram




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