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We were first contact by a Fibre Mill company about a year ago inquiring about a new website. They had been referred to us by ‘Eh Farms‘, whose website we had just completed.  They decided at the time to hold off and go with a company that was a bit cheaper.

About one year later (2 months ago) we got a call that they were again in need of a website. They were extremely unhappy with the website that they had just gotten designed and after numerous attempts to fix it up with the designer and on their own, they decided they needed professional help. Upon looking at their site, I was absolutely shocked that anyone calling themselves a ‘web designer’ could hand off a website and CHARGE over $800 for this.  It is not often that I screenshot the ‘before’ of a website because they are usually outdated and were prime in their time (no shame), but this had just been completed in 2019 and I was devastated that the client had to go through this.


We gave the ladies at ‘Rosebud River Fibre Mill‘ a discount because this was their second website in 1 year and we felt horrible on behalf of the industry that they had to redo their website so soon, and we jumped into action.

We coached the client into getting new photos for their new website, some of which they already had on hand (yarn is so beautiful!). We also worked with them to identify the most important parts of their business and use this new website as an opportunity to educate customers about what goes on behind the scenes as well.

We worked closely with Stevie and Alex to capture the design they had been hoping for from the start. They wanted feminine without being girly, fun without being unprofessional, and most of all they wanted it to be welcoming and ‘home-y.’

We reorganized and redesigned the pages so that they had a proper home page, transitioned a few internal pages to be educational (‘the yarn process‘ and ‘wool and alpaca fiber‘ nodding towards their expertise and ‘industry leader’ status, as well as ‘sold’ their products via a Shopify plugin (which we reused from their existing account), and a ‘custom processing’ page – which we designed and formatted so it clear to read, the prices were obvious, and the terms and conditions were easy to understand. On this page, we also linked custom printable labels for customers to print and use when dropping off their fibre, as well as a thorough order form for them to fill out and engage with the company directly

The site is far more welcoming, properly formatted, SEO rich, and is something that Stevie and Alex can be proud to share.


Rosebud River Fibre Mill – Home Page


About Rosebud River Fibre Mill


Educational Pages: Yarn Process & Wool and Alpaca Fibre


Custom Wool Processing, Prices, and Terms & Conditions


Wool Shopping!

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