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Jumping Elephant is a company started by a freelance writer who wanted to offer her clients more.

Partnering with some of the best freelancers around the country opened the doors for Jumping Elephant to provide a wider variety of digital marketing services. Our team at Jumping Elephant specializes in a variety of skills and industries, and is equipped to offer you a customized personal advertising experience, while still maintaining the best available prices.

So this is what we offer:

Your official online presence.


Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy social media strategy

Would you build a house without a blueprint? Obviously not. And while that seems like an extreme comparison it is not much of a stretch. Your business is the home of your career and you rely on it to make you money every month and feed your family… And if the foundation of the marketing is not built correctly, and things are just thrown up willy nilly, it is bound to crumble.

A digital marketing strategy is like a big all-encompassing plan for all of your online marketing efforts. It takes a look at where everything is sitting, suggests areas to improve, stalks your competitors to learn from them (good and bad), and lays out a promotional feast fit for your small business covering creative campaign ideas, promotion plan, post templates and samples, SEO researched blog topics, lead generation strategy, and anything else you could possibly need to jump into the online limelight sparkling like something way cooler than a vampire.

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Social Media & Website Audit

social media audit website audit

How are you supposed to know where you are going if you do not know where you are? Social media audits, and website audits, are the first step in making bigger and better changes for your business. They are the first thing we do for our big digital marketing strategy, and also something we offer as a stand-alone service. It is affordable and packs a huge punch for small business owners.

We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to looking at your profiles. While some audits are based simply on a program that spits out a spreadsheet, our strategists (real people) dive deep into each platform and look at it through the eyes of a customer. We offer recommendations and give you a list of actionable items to improve your platforms and website. We THEN plug some info into a few of our favourite tools too get information that cannot be seen by the human eye, but that is likely affecting your marketing success.

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Social Media Management

social media management calgary

Don’t feel bad if you only do 1 post a week (or even month) on social media. You have an entire company to run! Things pile up and social media often gets pushed to the back. Heck! We even suffer from being ‘shoemarker’s whose kids have no shoes’. Second to bookkeeping, social media is one of the first things to be contracted out as a business grows. It makes more sense to spend time doing what you love to grow your business, and have the lead generation working in the background (with a little support from you). Heck, it makes more sense to enjoy the fruits of your labour on a well-deserved vacation and STILL have your marketing working for you.

Social media management includes: Custom image creation, meme development, sales and engaging content writing, scheduling of posts, community management (online customer service), page monitoring, and outreach for page growth and engagement.

Social media management is one of the biggest slices in the digital marketing pizza (yummm…. pizza) and is also one of the easiest to offload. But because there are so many pop up ‘social media managers’ (aka: people who lost their jobs, stay at home moms, and other people without the experience or education in advertising) you really have to be careful who you hire. The cheapest option may not always be the best value (and wont pay off with ROI in the end).

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Social Media Page Set Up

Don’t have your marketing platforms set up yet? No worries! We recommend the digital marketing strategy to get started, and then Jumping Elephant will set-up, integrate, and implement your accounts on all the ideal platforms for you.

Platforms include:

social media set up

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google +
  • Any new and upcoming platforms that have yet to be discovered and will change business marketing as we know it.

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If someone comes up to us and says “I am doing nothing for my marketing, where should I start?” our immediate answer is blogging. Blogging for business is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to boost your site on google. But blogging isn’t just about telling stories, there is a method to the madness if you want it to be effective. The formatting matters, and how often you say certain keywords (and no, keyword stuffing is no longer allowed), and how the images are uploaded, etc. And that is just for Google. You also need to write for the audience because if they are not happy, they will leave, and then Google will not be happy. And then there needs to be a feature image created custom for each blog that then attaches when being shared, and that image needs it’s own alt tags!

If none of that made sense, or it did and you just verbally said “uhg… too much work” out loud in your office… That’s ok! Blogs are our favourite things to write. Whether you just want two a month, or one every day of the year, we can write them for you. And we will write them in a way that Google loves (SEO friendly blogs – always), and your customers and potential clients love as well! Let your site be a source of information and build trust and credibility as an expert in the industry, and let us do all the heavy lifting

Note: For technical blogs and blogs specific to your company (information not available through search), point form notes will need to be provided by you.

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Social Media Coaching / Consulting in Calgary

You started your own business, you grew it into a career, and you want to be able to manage your social media on your own. We salute you fellow entrepreneur. It is SO rewarding to have everything under your umbrella and managing it how you feel is best. The tricky part is being an expert in what you do, as well as being an expert in what we do (social media). So… instead of sitting there fumbling around or watching 200 youtube tutorials on each step in the social media management process, let’s just sit down for a couple hours. Sarah will instill all of her knowledge into you, show you walkthroughs of all of our favourite platforms, and answer just about any marketing question you may have.

And remember… when you are ready to hand it over because you are just too darn successful and busy to do it yourself… think of us 🙂


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Web Design & Development

[insert content about how everyone needs a website because it is the 21st century, even though everyone already knows that and it is on every web design website on the internet]

Jumping Elephant designs and develops 100% unique and customized wordpress websites for small to medium sized businesses. We understand that some businesses need only a basic brochure site, while others are looking for multi-dimensional online shopping center’s – so we do both.

  • WordPress theme customization
  • Web development (custom feature coding)
  • Shopping carts (woo commerce)
  • Photo galleries (per image and project)
  • Contact forms (connected to CRM)
  • Plugin installation (Yoast, instagram gallery, etc)

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Content Writing

website content writing and professional blogging

Content writing is such a broad term. It means any writing of content – any content. It can also be called ‘copywriting’, which is a term used in most marketing agencies. Sarah is a ‘copywriter’ by trade, which means that she writes content for marketing and advertising pieces. Our team of content creators are varied with skills and knowledge in a ‘schwack’ of industries. To be a content writer for an agency, one must truly be a jack of all trades when it comes to interesting and useless facts about pretty much any topic. To avoid the ‘jack of all trades, master at none’ stigma, we actually hire writers with specific backgrounds for specific clients, so that their knowledge extends beyond ‘interesting’ and ‘useless’.

Jumping Elephant copywriters provide unique content writing to match the appropriate voice of your brand on all platforms, satisfying all of your written needs.

Including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Website content writing
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail marketing (drip emails)
  • Landing page content
  • Pop-up content

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