SHOP Local Canada: Blogs

SHOP Local Canada: Blogs

Jumping Elephant has become a resource and refuge for small businesses who are struggling to write and post blogs or not having enough time to do so. Blogs ensure that there is current and keyword-focused information on a site and remains to be one of the best ways to improve website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our team has a handful of bewildering bloggers who research a company in depth, copy the tone (copywriting!), and create a blog that is relevant and likely to draw attention to the site.


SHOP Local Canada approached us with the request to improve their site by adding relevant and interesting blogs to increase their site traffic. The company focuses on sharing local shops and vendors on an organized and comprehensive listing site. Our blogs were created to touch on topics that would draw attention to these local Canadian businesses while also encouraging others to reach out so they too could list their product/service on the directory.


We took the challenge with excitement and were able to use the current shops listed in the directory as well as research new and local businesses that would benefit from the site. Although we did not have to do any image sourcing or image creation (by request), we were able to create beautifully written and engaging blogs that would excite customers about the local Canadian products.


SHOP Local Canada: Blogs

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