Social Media Management

Starting at $750/month

FACT: 91% of companies are attempting to use social media.

Social Media has become the lifeline of brands. Retailers, services, .coms, and even banks are riding the social media train.

Traditional forms of marketing are slowly being extinguished, giving rise to a strong online presence with marketing budgets dedicated strictly to social media implementation and maintenance. The high cost of traditional advertising creates an environment where online is the only logical place for small businesses to advertise.

Here is the challenge; with traditional advertising, companies were able to hand over their lump sum of money and get back to their daily business. With social media, however, platforms need constant updating and attention in order to fully reap the benefits, and small business owners simply don’t have time.

But you’ve spent all day at work, running your business, putting out fires, working with customers, and nurturing leads… How can you possibly have time to do social media too?

That is where we come in.


FACT: Of those that have set aside the budget and time to maintain their social media platforms, 85% have created a noticeable buzz and instant ROI for their companies.



Like traditional marketing, social media can in fact be handed off. However, instead of handing over a project,  you hand over a ‘job’. As you may already be feeling, social media management feels like a full time job. It may not be as expensive as traditional marketing, but what you save in cash you pay for in time – and what is your time worth?

Jumping Elephant steps in to cover all of your social media platforms and lift the huge weight of work (and guilt) off your shoulders.


What does Social Media Management Entail?


For starters: Our custom 15 image instagram grid for your business for free! Value $350!


There’s so much to do if you want to do it right – so much that we can do for you. Jumping Elephant will:

  • Create custom memes
  • Design unique branded images
  • Write engaging content
  • Monitor comments, messages, and engagement
  • Reach out to other users to comment, like, and follow for growth
  • Garner engagement through outreach and legwork for awareness
  • Manage online customer service and reputation management


Why Hire A Social Media Manager?

STUDY: “Researchers at the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California report that an increasing number of people say their use of the Internet, including social networking sites, is eroding the time they spend with their family.” [ComputerWorld]


FACT: “The percentage of people who say they spend less time with family members because of the Internet nearly tripled from 11% in 2006 to 28% last year.” [ComputerWorld]

FACT: “And the university’s study, which surveyed about 2,000 American households, also showed that the number of people who reported feeling ignored, at least sometimes, by family members using the Internet grew by 40% over the same period.” [ComputerWorld]



We don’t have social media packages.

We don’t have a bronze, silver, or gold package to choose from.

Instead, we have a customizable menu that allows us to develop personalized plans on an individual base for each new client – Social Media Management plans that are unique to your company, targeted for your audience, and built around your business goals and budget.

For more information about how social media can grow your business and how Jumping Elephant can help, please contact us to book a free consultation.


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It’s my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Sarah Kirkpatrick of Jumping Elephant Social Media Manager & Copywriter. On a personal level, she’s charismatic, well-spoken, and extremely qualified with qualities that have reflected and served her well in the role as an online marketing and rebranding professional for HomeFix Renovations.

I am extremely satisfied with the spectacular progress and ongoing job that Sarah has done in a very short period of time. Improving my online marketing of HomeFix and business presence. Always one in questioning everything she was proposing to do, she managed to instill in me a sense belief. In my past marketing campaigns, there was always a promise of great win-win outcomes, situations which never transformed and damaging my brand on multiple occasions.

Without hesitation, I feel in lighted to say (Sarah) has paved a plan which to date is transforming everything we do. Sarah and her team of professionals have instilled a faith in marketing once again. Anyone wishing to further enquire on her capabilities is more than welcome to contact me personally if need be.

Thank you, Sarah and your team for everything to date you have done!

-Angelo Safakas, Creative Director


In the short time that I have been working with Sarah, her expertise in digital marketing has taken Business Edge News Magazine from a very print-centric business to a multi-media marketing force. She conducted targeted research on our digital media capabilities and the digital landscape in our industry, provided a well-written printed booklet of that research and brilliantly devised strategy, then immediately started executing on her recommendations. Sarah’s work has been a game changer for Business Edge, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come

-Rob Driscol, Publisher