Something Borrowed Beauty: Web Design & Web Content

When Jen reached out to have her makeup company website redesigned we could not have been more thrilled. It was the first ultra-feminine website we got to work on and we jumped at the chance to make something truly beautiful – something worthy of showing off the Something Borrowed Beauty portfolio.

This high-end hair and makeup company has skyrocketed and become one of the number one hair and makeup teams in Calgary and area, stretching all the way to the mountains through Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper! Their portfolio is rich with beauty and their photos are extremely high end, having collaborated with many of the top wedding photographers in the area – and we needed to capture and showcase that.

The website needed to be stunning, but it couldn’t overshadow the images. It needed to introduce the team, partners, and vendors and had to do so in a way that spoke to their professionalism and glam. And it needed to give people an easy way to get in touch and hire this amazing team in a very seamless and yet all-encompassing way so that busy brides would not feel overwhelmed with everything else they had going on. And this is how we accomplished that:


Something Borrowed Beauty Home Page

We can’t take all the credit for this amazing home page, as it is the photos that truly made it shine.

The design simply allowed it to do that and supported it with an upscale vibe.


Meet the Hair and Makeup Team

These girls are hard-working, fierce, and beautiful – and we gave them a page to stand out.


Hair and Makeup Services

When you have 2 key services that you do really really well, there is no need to overcrowd. Let them stand on their own and give them a structure to be easily read.


Vendors: Referral Page

Collaborations are key! These ladies knew how important it was to give recommendations and spotlight some of their favourite industry professionals, so we created a page that could be used for current and future vendor connections – giving room for their logos and information.


Partnerships: Customer Discounts

There are perks to working with the best and that extends into discounts with other top-performing companies! We gave them their own space and showcased their offers visually.


Portfolio: Hair and Makeup Website Gallery

This is what people come for. So instead of beating around the bush… we gave them a seamless easy gallery to look through. Simple as that!