Startup Marketing Kickstarter Content

JUMP into action with our Startup Marketing Kickstarter package.

The Marketing Kickstarter is the newest of the Jumping Elephant Services. It is a startup marketing package for small to medium sized business’s that came about by (1) request and (2) need. The entrepreneurial market is EXPLODING and start-ups are being built in every other office, basement, and garage. That’s a lot of competition!

It is becoming more and more important to get a leg up (an elephant leg up is the best) early on so you can bypass those who don’t have it quite together. And then there is this terrifying stat that:

80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months


But that won’t be you. 

You are here. You are looking into making an investment into your business that will lift you up onto the highest jumping off point (we hope you are not afraid of heights) so you can soar right through to the bank.

So what is it that will set you apart? That will lift you up above the rest? That will carry it’s weight in elephant all the way to the bank?


What’s Included

Website for New Business

5 Page Starter Website

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Product/Service
  4. Blog
  5. Contact


  • Custom branded design
  • Customized theme and development
  • 1 starter blog (valued at $150)
  • FREE starter article
  • SEO professional content writing
  • SEO backend development
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Plugins installation & integration:
    • Yoast (SEO)
    • Hero Slider
    • Contact Form
    • Contact Google Map
    • Social Media Icons



Facebook Ad Launch Funnel + Landing Page

Facebook ad

  • Ad design
  • Sales copy
  • Audience creation
  • Account management
  • Analytics

Landing Page

  • Page design
  • Custom development
  • Professional web content writing
  • Added to WordPress site
  • Linked to Facebook ad campaign
  • Linked to Mailchimp (or other email database system)



Social Media for Business

Social Media Set Up

  • 2 Platforms set up (choice of Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest)
    • Professional SEO copywriting: About section
    • Custom designed cover photo


  • Social Media Optimization of 2 pre-existing platforms
    • Professional SEO re-writing: About section
    • New Custom designed cover photo


Social Media Content Calendar

(Choice of: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

  • Custom branded and designed images
  • Unique shareable links
  • Quality content
  • Post every other day on 1 platform (15 posts)
    • Plus FREE twitter add-on with Facebook/LinkedIn (value $750)



Why do we care?
Well… because elephants have 46LB hearts! That is a whole lot of love to give!

Why do you need us?
Well… not to brag, but elephant’s have brains that are 4x larger than humans – so by putting a few together, we THINK BIG about getting your business started off right.


1 MONTH – Startup Marketing Kickstarter Package
= $4,879 + GST


3 MONTH – Startup Marketing Kickstarter Package
= $8,447 + GST




UPGRADE: Social Media Daily Posting – $750/month

  • Upgrade from a post every other day (15 posts a month) to a post every day (30 posts)


Additional Social Media Page Set up – $250/page

  • Platform set up (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn)
    • Professional SEO copywriting: About section
    • Custom designed cover photo


Mailchimp Newsletter Template – $250

  • Custom design/branded
  • Editable Template (text, images, quotes, buttons)


Downloadable Freebie – $350

  • 1-3 Page downloadable lead magnet
    • Guide, checklist, template, etc.
  • Branded design
  • Professional sales/entertainment content
  • Set up on wordpress site
    • Thrive Themes


Email Drip (Sequence) Campaign – $500

  • 4 Email sequence
  • Professional sales copy
  • Set up on WordPress site


Website Ecommerce (Woo Commerce) – $750

  • Set up and installation
  • Addition of up to 20 products
  • Integration with PayPal


Branding Package – $1100

  • Logo – 3 revisions
  • Business Cards – 2 revisions
  • Microsoft Word Digital Letterhead – 2 revisions
  • Brand Guidelines Book


Social Media Bot – $500-1500

Varies depending on size and goals

  • Social media messenger Bot


Digital Marketing Strategy$3000

Key Deliverables of Market Analysis:

  • What competitors are doing
  • What associated products/services are doing.
  • What is being done successfully in your niche
  • What is being done successfully NOT in your niche (but could be applied to your niche)
  • What is unsuccessful in your niche
  • What social media platforms client should use for a successful social media campaign.

Key Deliverables of the Social Media Strategy:

  • Platform specific communication strategy
  • Platform specific goals
  • Implementation plans
  • #Hashtag recommendations
  • Influencer marketing options
  • How to integrate social media with offline media
  • How to integrate social media with other online media (such as website & email marketing)
  • Promotion/campaign suggestions
  • ‘How-tos’ for social media management
  • Recommendations for current and other social platforms
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Snapchat