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The #1 Most Impactful Marketing Change You Can Make for Your $1.5M+ Company

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The #1 Most Impactful Marketing Change You Can Make for Your $1.5M+ Company

So, your business is struggling to get the ROI you are needing. Are you also not seeing the return on your marketing spending (ROMS)? If this is the case, you are probably feeling like your company and team are throwing money out the window. And for what? For extra ‘likes’ – AKA: frustration, stress, a disheartened and confused team, and feeling personally overwhelmed by how to stop the hemorrhaging of cash?


As cliche as this sounds – It doesn’t have to stay this way! There is a solution! In fact, this solution is the NUMBER ONE most impactful way to make a change in your marketing approach, strategy, and business as a whole… Hiring a Fractional CMO! How will a Fractional CMO (and not a full-time hired CMO) make an impact on your $1.5M+ company? Here is what you need to know!


Fractional CMO - MarketingWhat is a Fractional CMO? Why Do I Need One?

Part-time. Marketing executive. Guiding strategist. Team leader. Business growth coach.

If you were to look up the keywords associated with a fractional CMO, those are the descriptors you would come up with. 

A fractional CMO is a person who comes on to your team PART TIME as a marketing executive, who has experience and knowledge on how to get your business un-stuck from the marketing rut you’ve been dumping money into to try to climb out of. They work alongside you and your existing marketing team as an unbiased guiding strategist and team leader to help solve 5-figure marketing problems. These include:

  • Identifying where the bottleneck in your strategy is
  • Strategizing marketing pieces that are missing in your funnel
  • Auditing and determining what you are spending too much on
  • Coaching on what you can do to overcome the lack of movement
  • Guiding and supporting your team with a positive and helpful approach
  • Acting as your constant sounding board (Yay CEO support!)
  • And much, much more!

A Fractional CMO is your business growth coach and experienced marketing professional there to encourage, support, and lend a hand to you in every way to ensure your marketing is getting you the ROMS you need! (Want to know if you need a Fractional CMO? Here are 9 signs to prove you do!)


Current Marketing Team - Fractional CMOBut What About My Current Marketing Team?

One of the things holding back a 1.5M company from hiring a fractional CMO is that they currently have a marketing team. And that is amazing! If you already have trained individuals who are absorbed and experts in your company culture, goals, and tone, then you are off to an incredible start. But what often happens is that with so many minds and over so many years, the potency of your marketing strategy and online approach gets muddled or lacks in the fire-power that you had when you first started. You still need your team to execute all of the new powerful marketing ideas and to contribute their own amazing ideas, but you need a fresh set of eyes to come in and fine-tune those strategies.


An Impactful Addition to the Team!

A fractional CMO will come in and meet with the team, get to know where they are at, their successes, their struggles, and what THEY think is lacking. It will be like introducing a new friend to the group – it’s hard to see your own roadblocks when you are in the same room each and every day with the same people! After a few short hours of chatting and getting caught up and on the same page, we will become an unstoppable team quicker than you can say ‘elephant toe nails!’ Then once I, the fractional CMO, has learned and understood the current approach, we will begin to strategize to see where there may be holes and where progress can be made. I will work one-on-one with both you and your team (now ‘our’ team), offer insights, training, and mentorship, and simply guiding your marketing team on their journey filled with fire-power once more!


Marketing Update - Fractional CMOHow Your Marketing Will Improve

Picture your current marketing approach (before a fractional CMO comes to help!) as an old crystal ball. You are staring into it with squinted eyes and maybe even wiping the ball to try and peer through the dust and debris . It’s foggy, cloudy, and confusing and is not giving you a clear image of the future. In order to TRULY see the solution to marketing success, you need someone who has experience with crystal balls. No… you don’t need a Fortune Teller. You need someone who knows the perfect positioning for that crystal ball so it can once again IGNITE the fire within your business and build a team that can keep it there… AKA, a fractional CMO (fortune-telling not included)!

As a fractional CMO, I bring all of my past marketing education and experiences for a FRACTION of the price as hiring a full-time marketing executive or senior marketer. 

There is A LOT that goes into planning a business marketing strategy, and if you have too many ‘elephants’ in the room (or not enough), it never comes together. So, having a fractional CMO will help your marketing improve by:

  • Strategizing ways to increase your Return On Marketing Spend (ROMS)
  • Creating a digital strategy that WILL get you results
  • Collaborating with your marketing team to implement your new strategy
  • Narrowing down the NECESSARY marketing expenditures to reduce wastage
  • Mentoring the team through monthly tasks to stay on track
  • Training team members on methods and programs to promote goal accomplishment
  • Receiving ongoing support throughout every step of the process



If your business has grown as much as it can, if it is becoming overwhelmed with marketing budget costs, if your sales have plateaued, or if you are in a transition… then it is time to inquire about a fractional CMO! Send me a message and let’s chat about where your business is currently at and where you would like to see it grow in the next steps!

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