Web Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Fact: 94% of the factors that cause people to reject a website are design related.

We have all done it. After googling a service and landing on a company page, we immediately hit the back button before reading on. What was it that turned you off? Why didn’t you believe that company deserved your business?

It may have been something you saw, but it was more likely what you didn’t see: a professional, well-designed user interface (UI).


Many consumers believe that if a company does not have a proper innovative website it means two things:

  • The company itself is unprofessional (aka: sketchy)
  • They do not have money, thus making consumers question the company’s ability to meet their needs.

We live in a digital world. Before consumers visit your store, they check your website. Before they buy from your website, they look at your social media platforms… and before you become the company they give their business to, you have to impress them!

That is where we come in.

Our highly-skilled and experienced web designers have created sites for businesses of all sizes. Ranging from blogs to retail spaces, furniture warehouses to housing development projects, charities to bands, they are capable of incorporating any functionality you could imagine for your dream site.


Some of the many web design services we can offer you:

  • WordPress instillation/set-up
  • Shopping cart
  • Image gallery
  • Contact form
  • Google maps API
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics
  • Web 2.0 integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • User accounts/registration
  • Voting/survey capabilities
  • Site search capability
  • Email and hosting