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Why Your Digital Marketing is Failing – How to Increase Your Return on Marketing Spend

Why Your Digital Marketing is Failing - How to Increase Your Return on Marketing Spend Image

Why Your Digital Marketing is Failing – How to Increase Your Return on Marketing Spend

When it comes to marketing, there is nothing worse than spending more on marketing than you make back in revenue. You put in all these hours of strategizing, marketing staff salaries, hiring external contract work to fill the gaps, and banking on a few dozen paid ads online… all to see a big fat ZERO when it comes to your return on marketing spend. What could be going so wrong? Why isn’t this digital marketing approach working? It has worked for hundreds of other businesses – you googled it! So what makes your methods less successful?

We have the answer. And guess what? It has nothing to do with the types of digital marketing tactics you are using… and has everything to do with WHEN you are doing it! Ready to figure out why your digital marketing is failing so you can start focusing on increasing your ROMS? Here’s what you need to know!


Random Acts of Digital MarketingRandom Acts of Digital Marketing

You post a link on social media one day. A few weeks later you decide to send out an email newsletter promoting a sale. Then you share a blog on your website. Then you do a Facebook live video. And maybe you start a podcast. Then you think maybe you are not on enough social channels so you start 3 more… We like to call this approach to digital marketing ‘Random Acts of Digital Marketing.’

These are things that are completely random and do not follow a strategy or flow and have no direct direct tie back to your profits! This type of online activity often includes boring content, posting infrequency, posting with incorrect tones or formatting, being on the wrong social media channels, improper collection of emails, having an outdated website that leads to distrust, etc., etc.

Most of what you are doing is correct in terms of the method, but the PROCESS, TIMING, and APPROACH are where your tactics are biting you. It is too random and too scattered for your audiences to build trust with your brand or engage properly with you!


Setting Your Foundation - Digital MarketingSetting Up Your Digital Marketing Foundations

Before you can learn to run you first need to learn to walk. It may seem like a simple analogy, but when you set off at a sprint with wobbly knees, you are guaranteed to fall on your face (we’ve all seen those clumsy little elephant calves take a tumble!). The same goes for your digital marketing. If you set off with ‘random acts of digital marketing,’ posting a blog here and there on a less-than user friendly website, and paying for online ads that lead to weak landing pages and no funnel, you will get nothing in return. In order to achieve that graceful gazelle-like sprint, you need to first create a foundation. When it comes to online marketing, creating foundational assets and automations means starting at the most BASIC elements and working your way up.


Your Foundational Website

Think about the first thing you would need in order to connect with your audiences… that’s right! A website! You need to send users to a specific place so they can learn more about you, your products/services, and engage/buy from you! According to SWEOR, “it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website.” That means if your website is slow, has broken links, is overly crowded with content, or simply is outdated, users will leave in the blink of an eye! Getting a website created and designed that is easy to use, fast, and effectively displays your company is the first thing needed for your foundation! Without it, your digital marketing will fail! And only from there can you add the building blocks of blogs, landing pages, email drip campaigns, freebies, and ads!


Learning to Be Strategic

So, what else can you do to avoid failed digital marketing approaches and instead increase your return on marketing spend? By being STRATEGIC! Your foundational elements are all set up, and now it is time to start building out a plan! It is here that we ALWAYS recommend new clients get a Digital Marketing Strategy – a thorough document that analyzes what you are doing (right or wrong) and lays forth a plan to follow and implement step by step that will directly lead to making more cash-cash-monies! Take a look at the strategic steps you need to take!

Learning to be Strategic - Digital Marketing

Step 1 – Optimization Through Content

Step one in enhancing your foundation is to optimize! This means creating content on your website and blog that will capture your audience’s attention, as well as almighty Google’s attention! By improving the SEO on your website you will begin to create an opportunity for traffic to be driven to your business – organically!


Step 2 – Generating Leads

Now that traffic is being driven organically to your site, it is time to reach out and generate MORE leads, keeping your ROMS in check. Generating leads is best done through the creation and automation of lead funnels, email marketing, landing pages, lead magnets, pop-ups, and more. Each asset is created with a specific PURPOSE – to draw leads into your website down a very specific path based on their interests! The more qualified leads you generate, the more ROI you will see.

But HOW do these save you money? Not only are they saving you time, but through the creation of each lead generating method, you are building a strategy for TARGETED sales. That means the interested customers are coming to your website to visit a landing page that was designed and created specifically for THEM. It addresses their problems, what they need, and identifies with them in a personal way they resonate with, rather than just landing on one of your general service pages.

In addition to being targeted, these lead generating funnels are CONSISTENT. By creating email drip campaigns you can automatically connect with your audiences when they reach out, and nurture the relationship behind the scenes – keeping you at the forefront of their minds. By doing this you have also just created the opportunity for ‘warm’ leads, rather than sending an email randomly in the year and pushing them away.

All these methods can be created ONCE and from there they will work their own magic, connecting and engaging and interacting with your audiences. By taking the time and investing in these foundational assets up front, and investing in your marketing strategy, you will see an increase in your ROMS. It is far less expensive to sell to those who are interested in your business than those who know nothing about you.


Step 3 – Social Media Time!

The final step in your digital marketing strategy is social media! This is where most businesses fail. Too many believe that creating social media pages and posting on them is one of the first steps. NOPE! This is the FINAL step in your approach to online marketing, as it is here that you will begin creating content that matches your EXISTING brand and leads back to your ALREADY LEAD CAPTURING website! It is on social media that you nurture relationships with new followers, build your brand awareness, and create a reputation for yourself that is backed by the strong foundation you have built. It is here that you can also begin to use paid ads to direct people straight to sales.


Nobody said it would be easy or quick. It takes a lot of time and investment up front to get everything streamlined and built to support your long-term marketing and profit goals – but it will save you BIG MONEY down the road.



So, can you see where your digital marketing was falling short? Was it in the area of ‘random acts of marketing’ not following a specific strategy? Can you see how building automations and foundational assets will increase your ROMS and help you save money? Yes? AMAZING! It is time to start from the beginning and get things in order so you can sprint to the finish line like the graceful creature your business was made to be!

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