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Your Guide to Setting Up an Email Marketing Funnel (and how to manage it!)

Your Guide to Setting Up an Email Marketing Funnel - and how to manage it IMAGE

Your Guide to Setting Up an Email Marketing Funnel (and how to manage it!)

It can be overwhelming to have all of your many marketing pieces in front of you and not know how to make them all work together. Sometimes it is not even the creation of the marketing assets that is the most daunting! And as intuitive as most email CRM’s (like Active Campaign, mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.) are, there are just SO MANY different things to set up and link up, that unless you do it a lot, it can take a really long time to do, and test, and launch.

Of course we want to do it for you as a part of a larger marketing strategy (or if you want help with just the set up a la carte we recommend Rock Solid Administration), but we understand sometimes you want to learn or delegation is not yet in the budget.

So then, how do you approach your email marketing funnel and what do you actually have to set up? Here is what you need to know about setting up funnels and how to manage them!


Email Marketing Funnel - Setting Up CRM FormSetting up the CRM Form

With your lead generation assets and email marketing approaches, you will need to create forms within your CRM which serve to collect the emails and organize them for tracking and usability. It will take some time, but it is critical to ensure you are organized and your emails are linked to the right list, the right tags, and setting off the right automation if applicable.

Designing and setting up these forms within your CRM and customizing them to complete the actions that you need (based on the purpose and location of each form) is technical, but not impossible. The good news? This is NOT an ongoing management task! Once you put in the time to fine-tune and organize the setup, you will be ready to leave the email marketing funnel to do its work!


Email Marketing Funnel - Drip Campaign SetupSetting up an Email Drip Campaign

So, you’ve written some superb emails that you want to go out to your audience automatically after they take an action (like filling out a form, or downloading a freebie, or signing up for a webinar). Now you need to set them up in your email marketing software!

For one, standard text emails will serve a great purpose for some of the emails, but others will certainly need to be designed, formatted, and have branded images and buttons to make them effective. Once they are designed, they will need to be set up so that they ACTUALLY trigger when they are supposed to! This will vary depending on your program so just google “{program} email automation set up” and it should have a walkthrough.

Remember, email setup can be anywhere from 4 to 20+ emails! It is important that you invest in your email marketing funnels either through the assistance of a designer or hiring Jumping Elephant as a Fractional CMO to guide your team on creating and setting up these crucial emails yourselves as well as crafting a strategy on how to best release them into the world!

Need more info? Check out our blog on how to use and write Email Drip Campaigns!


Email marketing funnel - manage email funnelsHow to Manage Your Email Marketing Funnels

CRM monitoring is the next big step in your email marketing funnel approach. Email marketing is a science, and all sciences need to be continuously tested for the best results. Even after everything has been set up and put into action, email marketing requires a learning phase (just like google ads)!

While some emails will convert perfectly for one audience, they may not be effective for another. It is important to continually review the analytics for each and every campaign (and email within that) as the audience grows and make tweaks where necessary to get the best return on investment (ROI). And not only that! CRM’s charge based on the number of active subscribers you have! So making sure each contact is properly set up, tagged, and responding is KEY to getting the best bang for your buck!


When you take the time to invest in your email marketing funnel and properly set up and manage each moving piece, you will be rewarded with a greater ROI!


Not ready to tackle the funnels on your own? Is your current marketing team unsure how to proceed? When you hire Jumping Elephant as a Fractional CMO or for a customized Digital Marketing Strategy, we will assist you in elevating your digital marketing and training your team to implement the best strategy possible! Let’s chat and see how we can become the marketing solution you can afford!